Article Writing Secrets - Revealed: 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Article Writing Plan

If you want to greatly increase the number of people on your list, then you must become a successful article writer! However, like any other new line of work, you don't become an expert overnight. You can go it alone and teach yourself but I strongly suggest that you find yourself a coach who will work with you and teach you how to write quality, benefit-driven articles that interest people enough to click through to your squeeze page and join your list.

Here are 3 essential elements that you should utilize to become a successful article writer:

1) You must know what your audience wants. One of the best ways to become a successful writer is to know what your visitors want to read about. By knowing this information you can custom write your articles to fit the mood of your audience.

This can change periodically with new problems and questions coming up in your niche. Ask the people who belong to your list what they want to learn about - they most likely represent an overall sample of the people in your niche!

2) Optimize your articles. Articles are written to increase the number of people in your list through your squeeze page. In order to get traffic to your articles, you must be noticed in the search engines. To do this you should optimize a specific keyword or phrase. It should be contained in your title, preferably as the first words, and again in the first and last paragraphs. Finally, spread this keyword or keyword phrase throughout your article just enough times to make it stand out without breaking the keyword density rule for each article directory.

3) Write plenty of articles. In order to be successful in any line of work you must maintain a constant effort. In the case of article writing, you should be writing at least 25 articles each week. This will help ensure that you have a regular number of visitors to your squeeze page every day which will increase the size of your list.