Handcrafting Writing Instruments and Accessories for Gifts

One of the major dilemmas facing many consumers is what type of gift to get someone. Many types of gifts are available and when trying to figure out what to get that hard to shop for person, a handcrafted gift usually solves the problem.

There are many types of handcrafted gifts from quilts to candles to wooden birdhouses, but the gift that is long remembered most and used almost daily is a fine handcrafted writing instrument. These are gifts that are appreciated by the gift receiver. But how does one tell a truly handcrafted writing instrument from a mass produced one?

It is very easy to make duplicates of a certain pen style, but to make it exactly the same in all respects time after time is nearly impossible for the local wood worker and pen crafter. Most of the pen crafters and wood workers around hand turn their products individually, piece by piece. Although they can produce a product that is similar to each other, there will be differences seen from piece to piece. Some larger wood workers use copying machine that reproduce each pen identically, but that technology is too costly for the smaller pen crafter.

When handcrafting a pen for a customer, the crafter takes time to make each piece by hand one at a time. Great care is placed in making each customers pen to their satisfaction. Nothing is duplicated and the handcrafting process ensures that each piece will be cherished by the new owner.

In addition to pens, other desk accessories are hand turned and complement the fine pens and pencils that are produced. Letter openers and magnifying glasses are hand turned in fine detail and complete the desk set. Fine and exotic woods are generally the material of choice, but sometimes other materials are substituted to complete a set.

Besides wood, stone, a wood/plastic combination and acrylics and poly resins are also used. Many pen crafters will also create a pen box for the pen and pencil set or they will call upon a leather crafter to provide them with a fancy pen sleeve that will surely give the set character. All this effort is put out by local wood workers to show off their handiwork and provide custom writing instruments and accessories to not only the discriminating consumer, but are affordable to the average customer.

In order to assess the piece that a consumer is searching for, they should check out the website of their local pen crafter to see the products they offer. The consumer will not be disappointed when searching and giving handcrafted writing instruments and desk accessories as gifts.

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How to Write Thank You Notes to Repeat Customers?

Business owners need to express their gratitude towards repeat customers periodically for their loyalty and patience. Repeat customers mean much to a business. They are a means of livelihood for any business.
By complimenting repeat customers or sending them feel-good letters, business owners build a strong rapport with them. Thus, a good step indeed towards customer appreciation is writing thank you notes.
Admire your customers by sending thank you notes. It is an inexpensive and elegant way to show how much you admire them. Repeat customers help business owners in many ways. First, they fully rely on your products and services and never turn to competitors for the same. Second, they show great patience at times when any of their queries remains unresolved for days. Businesses earn referrals or new customers easily through repeat customers.
In short, business owners make quick profits just through customer appreciation. However, this is an art, which every business owner needs to practice. After all, repeat customers are the essentials for any business.
Read below to find out how to write thank you notes for repeat customers.

1.      You may write thank-you notes on the notepaper of your company. For this, you need to make sure that the notepaper has information of your organization printed well on it. In addition, writing on a notepaper requires you to write by hand. A hand-written thank-you note helps to establish strong ties with repeat customers. This is one way to write thank you notes to repeat customers.

2.      Make use of stamp instead of postage machine, so that the notes do not appear like advertisement mails. In addition, purchase collectable stamps from the post office. They do not cost much and are highly noticeable by customers.

3.      You may use word processor for writing thank you notes in electronic format. However, best is to write thank-you notes manually by using a good quality pen. As soon as customers receive thank-you notes, they value your efforts to write them.
4.      Try to write something that is unique to read. While writing, mind the interaction you had with your repeat customers in the past.
5.      As for writing the address on the letter envelope, write it yourself.
6.      Include business card in the letter envelope, so that recipients will find it easy to recall you.
7.      Appear friendly to customers while writing thank you notes. Express what you owe to them for the kind approach they have always shown toward your products and services over period.
8.      Keep the matter simple. Stick to addressing your customers formally unless you know them thoroughly.
9.      Reveal to your repeat customers how they have contributed largely to your business. Likewise, appreciate them for their patience, loyalty and helping to promote your products and services before referrals.

It is not at all difficult to write thank you notes to repeat customers. All you have to is keep a track of all the good things they do to your business from time to time.

Ghostwriting Doesn't Mean Writing Like Someone Else

Some writers get their name emblazoned across their piece. Others, however, stay quietly in the background and allow someone else's name to adorn what should have been their byline. Yep, they're ghostwriters and it can be a lucrative business.

Writing Like Someone Else

The biggest mistake inexperienced ghostwriters make is trying to write like the person they're ghostwriting for. While mimicry can work for some very talented writers, it's a bust for most of us. If you go this route, it's not uncommon to end up with stuffy, stilted prose, almost like you were thirteen and trying to sound like a writer you just read from a textbook.

Instead of doing that, it's better to write like you normally would. That's what good ghostwriters do. Produce the best type of material you can using your own voice and attribute it to someone else. A well-written piece that sounds different than the writer it's attributed to is loads better than a poorly-written one that attempts to copy their style.

Changes, Changes

One reason why doing it your way makes sense is that clients will ask for changes according to their vision anyway. If they want it to be more reflective of their style, they'll tell you exactly what needs to be remedied. It's a positive for you, either way.

You Can Still Be Yourself

Even as a ghostwriter, you can still be yourself. There's absolutely no need to be anything you're not. Continue to let your voice shine through and use your customized writing software, as you would if it was your name in the byline. Your client will actually appreciate it.

Writing Ebooks - How to Choose a Topic for Your Next Ebook

One of the biggest problems that any non-fiction writer has is to choose a topic for their next eBook. How can you do it and be sure that your reader will want to read it? After all, if your reader is not interested in the topic they are never going to pick up your book to read it. Literally, pick it up in the case of a printed book and theoretically, in the case of an eBook.

It may seem like an insurmountable problem but it really isn't.

The solution is to create a marketing plan for your eBook. Part of that plan will include choosing the topic for your book. There are four main methods you can use to ensure that your book is well received. Each is used for a different purpose and under different conditions.

The first method is used when you are first starting to build an eBook business. It is sometimes referred to erroneously as choosing your niche. However, it is really a matter of mixing niche marketing and micro marketing. It begins by micro-marketing. In other words, you choose a market or product that you wish to write in. Then you begin to compress that market until you have a small topic that you will address. For example, you might choose to sell into the money market and eventually pick a micro-market of building an information marketing business. In internet marketing, this is typically accompanied by identifying a niche or target customer. You then identify a problem your target customer might have and a solution to that problem. This solution becomes your topic.

The next method occurs when you've begun to build your business but you're customer list is still quite small. In this case, you can examine your solution and then determine the next place your customer will have a problem. This becomes your next topic. This method works well if you know your topic well or better still know your target customer. However, it is always possible that you will guess wrong. Your customers may not experience the problem in the same place as you predict. In that case, your customers won't be interested in reading your eBook. You'll have failed.

The third customer based method is to simply ask your customers where they are having problems. What is it that is preventing them from progressing? The solution to that problem becomes the topic for your next eBook or course. This works best if you have a large number of customers and if it is built into your email marketing campaign.

The fourth method is used when you are not building a business using eBooks. Rather it is used when you are building a business out of writing eBooks. These eBooks are typically being sold for the Kindle or iPad platforms using Amazon or the iBookstore. They tend to be independent and your focus is less focused on relationships with your customers. In fact, it's simply an internet version of the traditional book selling industry. In that case, you don't have customers. To make up for that fact, you can use Google to identify potential keywords or questions that your readers will be looking for answers to.

How to Be A Consultant: Why You Should Consider Writing A Book First

Marketing is one of the most difficult issues facing any consultant. It doesn't matter if you are freelance, a contractor or a consultant. It doesn't matter how you define the difference between the three. It doesn't even matter if you are a sole-practitioner, a co-operative, or a large consultancy. You must master three things as a business leader. And of those three, marketing is usually the most unnatural and important.

And let's face it, most of us suck at it!

But there is a solution that we can succeed with. A way of marketing our services and ourselves without having to suffer through the usual litany of agonies.

That method is to write a book.

Okay, great advice. Write a book. In fact, before you ever start your consultancy you need to be writing your first book. Wonderful. However, I'm a professional skeptic. Why?

Why should I consider writing a book before I ever begin selling my services?

There are a number of different reasons. Most of which apply no matter what type of business you are doing. But in this article, I'm going to share 5 reasons that are specific to consultants. Especially new consultants.

1. Clarity

When we first become consultants, there is a tendency to focus on what we do. Sounds straightforward, doesn't it? After all, that's what we're selling. And everyone says we need to focus. The problem is, that isn't what are customers are buying. And we're not really focusing our efforts. As part of the process of writing a book, you need to identify four things:

1. Who your reader is

2. What their problem is

3. How you can solve their problem

4. What information they need to solve their problem

This is exactly what developing your market strategy is. But for some reason, it's a lot easier with a book than a business. Writing a book is also a much faster task than building a consulting business. So you can write multiple books and learn from your mistakes. And you'll clarify your mission as you go.

2. Focus on Your Strengths

Unless you are a sales consultant chances are that you're not a strong salesperson. Most consultants are analysts by nature. We have to be in order to determine our customer's problems. But analyst and salesperson are total opposites. Determining a problem and a solution is one of our strengths. However, typically, selling isn't one of our strengths. A book will make the selling process easier while the design and writing of it is playing directly into our analytical strengths.

3. Build Credibility

One of the biggest problems that new consultants face when selling is credibility. After all, no one can vouch for your ability to do the job. And credibility is one of the standard objections a customer will raise during the selling process. If you can't convince the customer you can do the job, then they aren't going to engage your services. Writing a book automatically gives you credibility. Not only that. The ideas you express in your book may resonate with the customer. And the way that you express those ideas can give the customer confidence in your ability to solve their problem.

4. Introduce Yourself

I debated doing this as a two-part reason. One of the marketing models is AIDA. "Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action" describes the sales process your customer goes through. It all begins when you grab your customer's attention. And books work very well for that purpose. But for a consultant there's a much more important reason. One of the criteria that your customers will use to decide to hire you is "Do they like you?" It may not be listed or admitted. But it will be there. Your book is like a networking event. It's a chance for them to decide if they like you or not. It's a chance for you to introduce them to who you are as a person.

5. Reduce Effort

Finally, one of the universal problems that consultants have is time. Especially if you are a new consultant trying to build a business while maximizing your billing time. One of the most wasteful parts of a salesperson's job is qualifying the buyer. You have to make a sales call -- spending your valuable time -- just to find out that the lead is never going to be a customer. Writing a book gives you a tool that you can use to pre-qualify leads. In short, you can reduce the number of calls where your lead isn't a candidate to be a customer. And make yourself a more efficient salesperson.

Business Promotional Gifts - Custom Pens And Other Writing Materials

Choosing effective promotional gifts should involve selecting extremely powerful marketing tools. Yes, there are so many promotional gift items to choose from, but not all are designed to become most effective gift items to promote and advertise a product.

Encouraging people to engage into conversation about what you are promoting is not always easy, one major reason why you need to give out effective promotional items. When you are hunting for the perfect items to distribute, ask yourself how your recipients will going to use it. Useful gifts are always appreciated, and therefore you might want to consider practical promotional gifts that your recipients can use everyday.

One of the most effective promotional gifts are pens and other writing materials, simply because everyone of us uses these things. Students, career men and women, and even retirees are using pens probably a couple of times everyday. Because these, many companies prefer to give pens or other writing materials to their clients and prospects.

If you would like to consider giving pens or any other writing materials, you have to make a decision which of these choices will fit: twist action pens, roller ball pens, grip section pens, highlighter pens, pens with neck chain, pens in unique shapes, multicolor ballpoint pens, markers and highlighters, mechanical pens/pencils, gel ink pens, light emitting pens, husky pens, key holder pens, lacquered finish ballpoint pens, and other more.

Promotional custom pens can be distributed to customers or clients, business partners and other business associates and subordinates. How you will customize the items may depend on who your recipient is and when will you give them. For your business partners and staff, consider to customize the pens or any writing material of your choice with their names or initials, and/or a special message or poem. You can give the custom presents during special occasions like anniversary or during an annual company function.

Custom writing materials can go straight not only to the mind but also to the hearts of your recipients. You can find these items in all kinds of styles, designs, and colors, so whether you business is big or small or no matter what type it is, you can find a perfect promotional pens and other writing materials that will fit your need, most especially when they are customized.

The advantage of promotional custom pens and other writing materials is that they serve two purposes. The first one is you are giving your recipients a branded product that they can use on a regular basis, and the second is you are advertising your business and showing off your name on your promotional goods without spending too much.

If you would like to purchase promotional custom pens or other writing materials, you can have it don online. There are now hundreds of online stores that offer a wide variety of business gifts to choose from. Not only promotional gifts, most of online stores also sell custom retirement gifts, anniversary gifts, holiday gifts, and many more.

Spice Up Your Day With Custom Coffee Mugs

That basic-looking mug on your office counter is so conventional and uninteresting. Give it a little alteration and make it lively and standout whether you're walking along a jammed street going to work or on your office desk. It may sound intricate but it really isn't. Drafting your own custom mug is as unproblematic as reciting the alphabet. Here are some tips to make clear to you on how to beautify custom coffee mugs.

There are so many methods that you can try to spruce up your coffee or tea practice. In fact, just explore the Internet and major search engines will feed you a multitude of results in how you can custom print a lackluster coffee mug. Here are the three things that you might do to your mug or any drink ware that you have in hand to make it more edgy and chic| in the approach that you prefer it.

Add Photos/Cartoon characters/ Famous Sayings- This is typically rendered on custom mugs. All you have to do is just produce a set of pictures of yourself or with your loved ones. Publish them in a unique paper and pop in it inside. Through such procedures, you will at all times notice your friends or loved ones as you drink a hot cup of coffee or tea. It is like converting your custom coffee mug into a mini photo album.

Print Pictures with a Pinch- Producing a photo is a nice attention-grabber to do with your custom mugs. You can append love phrases and inspiring adage along with a representation of yours, your special someone, your child, or your family picture. What is the 'pinch' that you can add on this? Now, you have your photos on 3D or with a special consequence. The special effect is that your image or picture will only appear once a hot liquid is placed on it. Truly a fantastic idea.

Paint it- There is also services that let you embellish your own coffee mugs. It is an incredible way to give a free rein to the hidden artist in you by painting any figurative images. One good suggestion is to do it with your loved one. Isn't it great to paint good recollections beside your offspring, lover, or your best friend?

If you are searching for an economical promotional item to set off your marketing mix you can do no better than use custom mugs. They are reasonably priced and have stood the test of time as a valuable promotional gift.

And it's no wonder, because in most reviews itemizing top business, advertising and promotional gifts, custom mugs always come up in the top four. Other everlasting preferred advertising promotional products are magnets, drink coasters, custom writing implements, and computer complements.

A large proportion of custom mugs are fashioned in stoneware in many diverse styles and hues to costume your needs. On the other hand, lately in spite of the economy crisis, the more costly and prominent personalized coffee mugs have been seen as a more notable and chic give away.

Use These 5 Points When Writing Your Resume To Make It Stand Out From The Crowd And Get You Noticed

With the current job market being so tough, it is important for your resume to stand out from the competition. There is one easy way to help you in this process and that is to avoid the types of common errors that get most of these pages tossed in the round file.

There are at least five different areas that you can use to gain a competitive advantage over the competition and make your paper stand out from the crowd.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your most recent accomplishments are listed. Most employers don't care about what happened a dozen years ago. Not only is this ancient history, but as technology is moving so quickly, many of these skills are unfortunately outdated. Focus on the most recent employment and use bullet points to highlight these areas.

Next, make sure to focus on the advertisement that listed the job posting. Your resume is likely to be skimmed anyway, so it is important to get the most important items at the top of the page. Since you should already be a good match in some ways, be sure to include what the employer is looking for as the first or second item on this document. That is more likely to stick in the reader's mind and get you the chance for that all important interview.

It is also important to stress your positive attributes and qualities. Almost every other resume will have such things as "hard working" or "self starter". It no longer means anything to include such phrases. In order to be unique, you must demonstrate these qualities to a prospective employer. Be sure to include some good examples of how you have used these skills to benefit a previous company.

Another good tip is to make sure that your very best accomplishments are included. The reader will want to know how these can benefit their company. You should be able to provide proof in a concrete fashion of how a previous firm achieved something tangible from these kinds of efforts. This may be in the way of numbers - such as sales figures or possibly repeat customers.

Writing from the viewpoint of the human resources person who will read your resume will greatly enhance the chance of making the cut into the favored pile. These are the only people who will get called for that all important face to face meeting.

Proofreading is the one item that most people seem to neglect. Although this doesn't cost anything but time, it is the single most overlooked aspect when submitting a resume. Research done in this area indicates that as much as 20% of papers are sent off with errors in their content.

Get somebody else to proofread and check this all important document before putting a stamp on it. One simple mistake can mean the difference between getting noticed and getting laughed at. A human reader is the best bet her as automated programs will only say if a word is spelled incorrectly but not used incorrectly.

What Custom Writing Instruments Suit You?

Oftentimes we don't realize that finding the attuned customizable writing materials simply means being able to discover what kind of writing instrument perfectly suits our company's needs and wants. We do not realize that it's all about discovering the one that is the best among the rest, but about finding what best expresses what we want to convey to our prospects. Here are some key factors that might support you in landing on the merchandise befitting for your company:

Establish what class of industry your company belongs to.

Establish what field your company fall under in terms of industry type because it will determine what kind of writing materials will be best for you. To illustrate, if your company is an art industry, your company is better of obtaining a type of writing merchandise that is funky and casual. However, if your company belongs to technological, finance, legal, education, computer and other corporate-type industries, a more sharp and executive look is appropriate for your merchandise.

Establish the overall desire for this particular promotion.

It is also essential that you are familiar with the overarching desire of your company for this particular promotion. This is because you want to align the drawing of your custom writing materials to that end. Frequently, a exhibition has a theme where all the things should be accorded to, especially the assorted freebies. Thereby, you is required to choose a personalized freebie that is designed according to this particular theme; otherwise your exhibition will not be consistent and will have less impact.

Establish the company's fiscal estimate for the upcoming promotion.

Of course, you is required to be aware of the fiscal estimate for the campaign because you want to know what kind of items can and cannot afford. If you are just operating on a small fiscal estimate, customizable writing tools are perfect for you. The values of these kinds of customizable items are very low, amounting to less than a dollar.

Thereby, it is very easy to find the promotional writing instrument that is perfect for your exhibition. What you is required to do is to simply know yourself, peg what you want and know how much money you are willing to spend to get yourself to what you want.

How to Be Successful At Freelance Writing Editing Services

There are a lot of freelancers out there who are extremely successful, and inspire you. There is nothing that could stop you from being so. All you need to have are the right set of skills, determination and patience. Being patient means that you will have to believe in yourself until you are offered freelance jobs by clients.

With the increasing number of aspiring freelancers, the chances of grabbing the next best opportunity also reduce. There is a lot competition in this profession as people have begun realizing their potential, whereas it is also a straightforward way to increase your income earning potential. Internet provides great chances to apply your skills at various jobs and freelancing ranks high in the list.

In order to be successful as a freelancer, you need to have passion and commitment to work, besides having the right skills. Almost anyone can be a freelancer if they hold suitable attributes. There are no general standards; however, you need to have exceptional grammatical skills along with quality grasp of the language, unique style and word choice, and the ability to comprehend the various writing genres in wider context.

You will have to be very organized to be able to deliver the work in time. Customers are keen on everything and they rate freelancers on every account. There is no one thing that would distinguish you from other freelancers in the business. In fact, there are a number of things that make your profile significant and unique in the clients' eye.

How to get started? This is what most aspiring freelancers ask and worry about. The answer to this query is that the route is simple. Always begin working through the easier way. Slowly and gradually your work experience will deliver you to a more stable and prominent position. Initially, go for part-time freelance writing editing services and then later move onto full time jobs. Develop a well-crafted portfolio about yourself stating your credentials and education. Apply for part time positions with established companies as it is great to start the job with less quantity of work.

Initially, your work will be proofread by a senior editor to ensure flawlessness. There is nothing bad about it, since it provides even better work to the customers. If the customers and company like your work, you would be offered even better assignments. Freelance writing editing services are a great opportunity to establish yourself as a time-honored writer in the future years. Also, if you have flair for writing and wish to establish yourself in this industry, freelance editorial jobs are a great start.

Article Writing for Net Profit Increase

Writing and using extremely informative articles on your internet marketing campaign can do wonders in your sales and net profit. This is something that I can attest to. Articles are great in building credibility and in positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. These are what you exactly need to get people to trust you and eventually, convince them to do business with you.

Here are some of the most effective article writing tips that can help in increasing your net profit:

Your first goal is to attract those people who might buy the products and services that you sell. Think about the topics that will grab them by the throat and the information that they're dying to know about. Years of experience have taught me that the best topics to write when doing article marketing campaign are the problems that your readers are going through, their most burning questions, and the things that they would like to achieve. Of course, you need to make sure that your chosen topics are all related to the products and services that you offer. Let me give you an example. If you're selling internet marketing ebooks, your target audience will surely be interested on articles that contain in-depth information and expert tips on how to build a website and how to attract qualified traffic without breaking their pockets on their online advertising campaign. These topics will not only help you attract the right audience but will also help you showcase your expert status in your field. This is what you need to earn the trust and confidence of your potential buyers.

The next thing that you need to do is to convince your readers that you're the best in your field and that you're running an online business. Potential buyers have so many choices to choose from when they want to buy something online. You need to give them ample reasons to choose you. You'll be able to win their business if you give them proofs that you're far more trustworthy compare to your competitors and that you can offer them more. For example, you can offer them with freebies, money-back guarantee if they're not fully satisfied or offer them with after-sales support. It will also help if you show them the most compelling testimonials of your most satisfied customers.

Write more articles. Make some serious noise online and make your name and website more visible by simply writing and distributing more articles to directories. If possible, write at least 3 articles on a daily basis. Ensure that you do not sacrifice their quality in the process. The more articles you publish, the stronger your online presence will become. Not only that, you'll also be able to strengthen your expert status while you generate more attention from both search engines and online users.

How To Make Money Writing For The Internet

For those of you who love writing and need to make some extra money to make ends meet, why not make money writing online. It really is not as difficult as you may think and while you won't become rich overnight, writing online can be rewarding both personally and financially. Here are some ways you can make money writing online. Write for Publishing/Web content Sites

The best and probably the easiest way to make money writing online is by signing up to write for a publishing or web content site. The beauty of these sites is that most of your articles will be readily accepted. However, the return starts out extremely small as you earn money based on the number of people who actually view your articles or by small upfront payments. You can earn a passive income from writing for these sites which can add up once you have published a lot of content.

There are several of these available and in some cases people make a fair amount of monthly income from these sites once they are established. What makes them worth using for new writers however, is that since you keep the rights to most if not all your articles you can use these sites to gain experience and build up a writing portfolio.

Professional Writing Sites

There are also a variety of professional writing sites on the internet. These sites usually ask that you take a writing test or submit a portfolio of your work. If hired, you then select articles you want to write from an open bin of client requests. When making money writing for professional writing sites it is essential that you follow the clients directions exactly and have good grammar and spelling skills.

These sites generally pay you once or twice a month after the client accepts your work. Writing for these sites means that the client purchases your article and that you may not publish it else where.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Another way to make money writing online is through freelance writing job sites. These sites vary in the way they work in some cases you have to become a member of their site, while in others you contact the client directly. These sites work by posting jobs clients want done and then you will find yourself bidding on those jobs sometimes against several other freelance writers looking for work. While some of these jobs pay extremely well the competition makes it difficult to get jobs on a regular basis.

Start Your Own Writing Website

Many freelancers make money writing online by building their own website where they post their writing experiences, contact information, and samples of their work and let customers seek out their services. The key to making money writing using your website is keeping your site in view of possible customers.

Writing online allows you to write a variety of articles from How to articles to product reviews to niche articles for customers. When you make money writing online you combine your love for writing with your need for extra income and in time this can open a whole new career for you as well.

Key Elements Required For Freelance Writing Editing Services

Today, everyone who has an interest in literary services is keen to provide freelance writing editing services. Often such people are equipped with the skills required for the job, but lack basic knowledge regarding which string to pull first to establish themselves in this career path. They do not know that they should establish a domain, get a professional looking website, and most importantly, an associate email account.

You must definitely be pondering as to what makes these things so important to set foot in the business. Well, these three aspects are the running blood of your business and introduce you to millions of clients over the internet. When you're a beginner, you need to get yourself known and thus, build credibility. The website and blog helps you enhance the ways in which you can show your credentials. Clients want to have a relationship of confidence and faith with you.

Also, as a beginner, you want people to approach you easily. Having a simple domain name can be very helpful to achieve this objective. You need to appear more committed, and professional in the eyes of the customer. An email account does this for you, because clients have a more accessible way to contact you rather than searching for you over the internet.

Select your domain name very carefully, as people should be able to remember it easily. Moreover, use keywords sensibly and make sure it compels clients to hire you. Build your keywords into your URL to make it more useful. Later, add them into your page description and utilize them wisely into your content as well.

It is a very common myth that clients always have to remember your website in order to reach you. The truth is however different, if you use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to promote your website and blog, Google will find you on its own. However, you must ensure that the keyword rich URL is easy to remember because it will also become a part of your email address.

For starters in the freelance writing editing business, it is recommended to use platforms that offer quality content management system, whereas they are also easy to understand. Such platforms will also be very helpful when you will need to rise in Google rankings for organic search.

All the features suggested above are your initial investment in the business which will serve you for long.

Writing Assistance

The phrase "writing assistance" encompasses an extensive range of services. That's because both "assistance" and "writing" are quite vast. Assistance may include aspects such as researching, editing, writing new sections, writing the majority or all the project, providing custom writing feedback and suggestions, help publishing, and more. Applying this definition of assistance to the different types of writing -- articles, press releases, sales letters, blog posts, web content, screenplays, novels, songs, books, ebooks, dissertations, theses, essays, research papers, grants, standup comedy -- results in a slew of services that represent the full spectrum of writing help.

Whether you are a novice writer or a published professional, the assistance and support of writing assistance services can ease the task of writing and result in a superior final draft. Some writers mistakenly believe that only amateurs need writing assistance, but this is simply not true. In fact, the greatest writers in the world have, all throughout history, collaborated with others to create a truly great manuscript. There is much value in having another view point, and this applies to all groups of writers.

Unless a counselor responsible for guiding kids with the nuances of writing is trained properly, he/she will not be able to go ahead with the prospect of skill transfer. At the end of the day, irrespective of the source you choose banking on, writing assistance revolves around the prospect of skill transfer. What exactly is skill transfer? It is a process whereby you pick up the cheats and tricks of a creative process.

Writing assistance is a process where, with the help of a professional, you discover, develop, and unravel your creative potential. Writing assistance, irrespective of its nature, helps you acquire a professional touch. There are different forms of professional writing, with each being widely different from the next of its kinds. For instance, a professional lyric writer needs different tricks and tips from the bag of tricks to be mustered by an SEO writing expert.

Similarly, the needs also vary according to the class and type of writing, and with the class and type of writing so to do the objectives and purposes of writing help vary. For instance, if you want to build creative writing career, the prospect is ridden with innumerable possibilities. From screenwriting, novel writing, lyric writing, copywriting, story writing and more there are further subsets and genres within these types of creative writing.

In order to carve your niche in the realm of creative writing, you will need a solid understanding of character creation, dialogue, and structure. Even with such an understanding, writing assistance can help turn a mediocre manuscript into a top-quality work. As far as the prospect of development is concerned, writing assistance plays a pivotal role.

Write to Generate Sales

Whether your small business is located in the Smoky Mountains, the plains of Nebraska, or a coastal Oregon burg, all business owners have one goal in common...to sell their product or service. So, what is one of the best ways to get customers to take notice of your products? You're looking at it...the power of words. Fresh, sales-driven writing grabs and holds a customer's attention. It makes them say, "I gotta have that" and keeps them coming back again and again to your product offerings.

You can use the writing techniques I will be introducing in more places that you imagined. Every time you sit down to create a sales letter to promote your business or introduce a new product line, you will have the need for persuasive, sales-oriented writing. Your website presents an immediate first impression and has the tremendous power to retain customers if your writing is tight, clear and fresh. Catalog descriptions, direct mail pieces, email promotions, ads and flyers sell product - write to create a strong bottom line!

Know who your customer is

Before you begin writing extraordinary marketing materials, flyers or catalog product descriptions, get to know who your customer is. As simple as this seems, it is important to have a good understanding of your basic customer profile. Things like age group, demographics, income, interests and hobbies all play into who you are writing for. This allows you to get a good picture of your typical customer so you can better serve their needs. Most of us know who our local customers are, but if you have internet sales - you will have nationwide and even global customers. It pays to know your entire customer base.

Just as importantly, listen to what customers have to say. They can offer valuable insight into your product offerings, merchandise they would like to see offered or suggestions for improvement. Most customers are more than happy to offer feedback because you have acknowledged them as vital to your business.

As easy as talking to a neighbor

Now that you have established who your customer is, let's talk about the style of writing. The trend is to keep your writing (also known as copy) conversational and informal. This means:
· build rapport with your customers and keep your writing understandable for EVERYONE. Don't make customers drag out the dictionary. Unless you are targeting a very specific customer niche, you stand to lose a broader customer base.
· keep hype to a minimum. No one likes to feel he or she is being "sold."
· create accurate, trustworthy copy. Not only does writing "honest" copy keep you out of hot water with your customers, it builds customer loyalty.
· be passionate about your business and products. It is infectious!

Writing so everyone can understand your copy keeps potential customers from tossing your promotion or catalog in the trash out of frustration. So keep it simple, friendly, engaging and conversational.

Appeal to the Senses

To create this engaging, conversational copy, appeal to your customer's senses. When a customer receives your catalog in the mail or are viewing products on your website, they don't have the luxury of handling the merchandise. They can't taste your award winning cinnamon rolls or hear your harbor wind chimes.

To sell product, your words must be the eyes, ears, nose, hands and taste buds for potential customers. The following fruitcake example lets your customer see, smell and taste the cake through description:

Simply Sinful Fruitcake

Bite sized pieces of luscious fruit cake smothered in creamy milk chocolate is an alluring temptation around the holidays or any occasion. Not to be confused with your plain jane fruit cake, this cake is loaded with cherries, candied pineapple, walnuts, pecans and raisins. Add 100 proof bourbon, premium dark rum and 84 proof brandy to this mixture and you have a treat no one can resist!

By engaging a customer's senses, you create a fruitcake description that a customer can literally taste and see. Bite sized portions, smothered in creamy milk chocolate and loaded with cherries...provide a mouth-watering description to let the customer experience the product as if they were in your bakery.

This article lays a beginning foundation for creating sales-generating copy. Know your customer, keep the writing conversational and appeal to their senses. Use words to let your customers feel, taste, hear, see or smell your product as if they were in your store.

Article Writing Guide - Promoting a Website With Promising Content

One mistake that many article marketers make is that they give away too much information in their articles. They forget that the primary goal of the articles is to get the visitors to click on the links in the author boxes. If readers don't click, the authors don't stand a chance of making a sale. So how to generate content that will help generate more sales? (Pay attention to the last paragraph...it's important.)

Tip 1: Give quality information, but don't provide ALL the details. If you give away the whole farm, you have just taken away the reason for the visitor to click on your links. They will just leave the web page and you would have lost a potential customer. Write about PROMISES. For example, your chosen niche may be about hair loss. So your promise could be something like "how to prevent hair loss" or "how to speed up hair growth". When you write, you focus on the problems, and give away SOME info about how to tackle these problems. But all the time, the content remains broad enough so that readers will want to read more when they reach the end of the article.

Tip 2: In the author box, state clearly that you have more RELEVANT info to offer to the reader. When the reader comes to the end of the article, and realizes that there is more, it's natural to want to find closure. Hence, most readers will choose to click on your links if you can offer them more information. This is not some kind of scheming marketing tactic because very often, it's impossible to offer a complete solution in the space of just 400 to 500 words. Hence the need to offer a full PDF download or something extra.

Simple Ways for Writing Amazing Essays

There are many simple ways for writing essays. Having said so, most of the writing follows some definite pattern of rules. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is the complete understanding of the topic of the subject that is to be written.

Understanding of the subject on which things would be written will enable a writer to write true things about the subject. He will be able to focus solely on the issue of the subject, and hence will be able to write both the good and bad things on it.

Writing of things should be done in a descriptive form. It should be versed with the tone of the exact story line for clarity on the subject. Introduction should be well written. It should be followed by a rough highlight about the meaning or issue of the subject. This way the reader of the material should be well acquaint with the topic of the subject.

A serious tone on the subject should be introduced mid way, for a better grip on the issue of the topic. Slang words should not be used while writing things. Writers should also not decide on what to write without first analyzing on the subject that is to be written. All possible information should be gathered first for giving a proper look of the structure of the piece of writing.

Gathering first then writing things is the first basic tip for all, who want to write quality essays. Content of the body should go well along with the topic of the subject. There should not be any kind of if and if not's. Instead a person should focus on the merits and demerits of the issue or the subject.

While writing of things a person should be crystal clear of what he is going to write, fluctuation of ideas will only hamper the structure of his essay. Writing differently from the way a person talks also would break down the structure of the writings. So, a person should not unnecessarily try to write in a different style just because he finds it awesome. Instead an individual should write essay in the way he will normally do. This will give purity and the essence of truth on the subject that is written.

Appropriate mindset is the basic need for all kinds of essay writings. Writers that look out for the best out of them should try writing in their original style. They should summon their research, and perceptions for building a concrete structure of writing skill. Custom writing would demand a writer to be disciplined in his art of writing.

Good research will enable a proper look on the issue of the subject, for which the essay is so written. Strategies should be made for compiling the story of the essay. 'Discuss, explore, analyze', should well be noted for writing a perfect and an amazing essay.

Writing a Small Business Plan - Writer

Writing a small business plan is beneficial for any business of any nature. But the business plan serves beyond just being a presentation face to an external party. For any company to be successful, it must boast of satisfied customers, and this can be achieved by having good company policies that point the directions that the general operations will take as the business runs. To have satisfied customers, the company must have a solid customer service that will serve as the contact point for the customers to the business. Therefore, by writing a plan for a small business, the entrepreneur is one step closer to enhancing their customers' experiences.

Customer services are of two natures, external and internal. External customer services usually involve marketing strategies that will be used to woo the potential customer to the business. Internal customer services usually involve applying strategies that will ensure customer loyalty is developed and more customers stay. By writing a small business plan, these two customer service aspects are defined and each is solved accordingly.

To enhance customer experience, the internal customer service must be of great quality. The most effective way to do this is by establishing a solid first contact resolution. The first encounter with the customer care agent should be pleasant enough to build the customer's confidence with the company. For this to happen, the company's background mechanisms should be running smoothly. The company's components should co-exist, and the task force should work as one entity towards finding solutions. The task force should work as a team regardless of which departments they interact with. This means that there should be an open communication amongst all members of the team.

Without these two aspects, finding solutions for the customers will be almost impossible and of poor quality. Communication and teamwork are usually defined by the business policies placed to direct the business. These policies will be made more definite by writing a small business plan for the enterprise. With the help of a reputable business writing service, these policies will be modeled towards successful running of the business.

It is also important to manage customer experience. A customer is more willing to wait for a particular service if their faith in the company is high. By writing a small business plan, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to establish policies that will ensure that there are few complaints and repeat contacts from customers. The operation plan should ensure that the goods or services are delivered as expected, and any query is handled as soon as possible. Writing a small business plan will also ensure that the management sector is as efficient as possible. This will ensure that the right people are delegated for the right tasks, and those involved with customer service are trained so as to manage contact with customers. A reputable business plan writing service provider will always point out that efficiency in management will always reflect through the satisfaction levels of the customers, and eventually, the sales made.

Making Money From Writing - Writing Articles Online

Making money from writing was once the province of professional writers. The only people who made money with their writing skills were copywriters, journalists and authors. Most of those writers had obtained college degrees or had trained at special journalism classes. It was hard to get started in a writing career. To become a successful copywriter or journalist, you would have to overcome stiff competition; to become a published author meant you would have to work without pay until your work was ready to be published.

The internet has changed all that.

To make money online writing articles you do not need to be a professional writer (in fact you don't need to be a professional at anything to be able to earn money from writing online). You do not need to have a college degree or special diploma to make money from article writing; the one thing you do need is the ability to communicate in writing. Sound simple? Well, it is.

You do need to have a couple of things to make money from writing.

Making money from writing online is something anyone can do provided they have the ability to write simple articles in good English. To have "good English" for the purpose of writing online, you must have the ability to spell correctly and to know how to use proper grammar and correct punctuation.

Who Will Pay For The Articles You Write?

Owners of niche marketing websites are constantly on the lookout for well-written articles to use as website content. Articles on every subject imaginable are wanted for posting on blogs and information websites. The reason articles are in demand in this way is that fresh content on a website can improve the site's position in search results. The higher up the page of a Google search page, the more likely it is that people will visit the website; once at the website, there is a possibility that the visitors will be converted into customers.

Writing Short Articles For Online Newsletters

Internet marketers also use articles as content for newsletters which are circulated to their customer list. A newsletter can be just in a straightforward email format, or it can be a document posted online (reading a newsletter at the website is often easier than reading the email format). As a newsletter will normally contain more than one article plus news and advertising, shorter articles are idea for publishing in newsletters.

Making Sure You Get Paid

Finding a market for your articles and ensuring that you get paid for your work is the hardest part of making money from writing online

How to Increase Customer Loyalty at Your Small Business

So, you've already accomplished one of the hardest parts of running a business: drawing in new customers. Now, an equally difficult task awaits: keeping your current customers loyal to you. In this economy, customers are more particular than ever about the companies with whom they choose to do business, so it's extremely important to ensure that you are doing everything you can to retain the customer base you already have. Here are several pointers you can abide by to make customer retention one of the main priorities of your small business:

  • Monitor the behavior of your customer service staff

Whether your staff interacts with its customers in person or over the phone, making sure that their behavior is at least professional is mandatory. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, you need to find a nice way to remind your employees that they can't take their employment for granted. It is more important than ever for employees to remain on their best behavior, because it makes all the difference in customer loyalty

  • Make it easy for customers to communicate with you

One common mistake made by many larger businesses is by making their customers jump through hoops to communicate with them. It is not a smart move to install a phone service that requires customers to punch in dozens of keys on their telephones before they can get an answer to their question. Furthermore, putting customers on hold for too long is a serious mistake that could very well cost you customers and jeopardize your business' reputation. Make it a priority to be able to clearly communicate with each and every one of your customers. This involves having good customer service over the phone, quick responses to email inquiries, and even offering a live chat option on your company website.

  • Be responsive on social media

A smart tactic you can implement at your small business is by providing quick responses to any and all social media interactions with your customers. If one of your customers writes on your company's Facebook wall, sends you a Tweet, or bookmarks your site somewhere online, you need to be gracious and responsive! If your customers are using social media to let you know of any problems or issues they had at your small business, it is especially important to let them (and the public) know that you are taking their concerns to heart and doing something about it. Using social media sites to actually be "social" will certainly set you apart from your competitors.