How to Write an SEO Plan For a Website

If you are launching a new site and want to do SEO for your site, you will initially need to work on preparing a plan regarding how to implement your SEO strategies.

Here are few steps you can implement while designing a SEO plan. I understand that every website is different but you can follow the below simple steps while launching any new site.

Identifying the market: Identify your market, where you find your targeted customers. Write a short description of people to whom you intend to sell your products.

Competitors: Understand your competitors. Identify your players. Look beyond the 10 results in search engines for your search queries. Divide your competitors into major competitors and minor competitors and try to understand how they are doing SEO for their site.

Resources: Make a list of websites you can leverage to promote your new site. Make a list of below resources.

a. Advertising resources.
b. Networking resources.
c. Event Handling.
d. News
e. Joint ventures.

List of goals: Make a list of goals and enter a brief description on how you utilize the above resources to promote your site. Later, write first 10 goals you will work towards your plan. If you are trying to promote your site using content marketing techniques, then your goal could be

Publishing specific number of articles, ebooks, pdfs, white papers etc...

Your goal could be

a. Building daily visitor count of 50.
b. Obtaining daily links of 50.
c. Networking with n number of people a day.

After that, make a brief description of how you intend to deliver the result. For example, "Building daily visit count of 50: I do this by buying an ad space in warrior forum." etc when you are about to finish achieving these 10 goals, sit down and write the next 10 goals.

Now that you have written what you intend to do, go back and refer the notes every week. You may sometimes need to modify your plan depending on the results occurring.