Logo Pens and Custom Writing Instruments

Some of the most flexible giveaways a business can use are logo pens. These custom writing instruments fit any occasion, whether it is a trade show, a product launch, a job fair, or a conference. They're popular giveaways not only with recipients who will always find a use for them but also for companies looking for gifts that will help them build visibility without costing too much.

Logo pens are especially handy when one is targeting college students, who will always have a need for them. If you need to do some initial promotions for a job fair, giving out custom writing instruments will help spread the word about your event. Aside from including the time, venue, and date of your job fair, remember to indicate your company's Website or e-mail address where applicants can send off their resumes. Adding a hotline for inquiries or for phone interviews are great ways to speed up the selection process.

Pens are practical items to have in trade shows and conferences, when everyone needs logo pens to write something down. It helps to order them in bulk. You can send these custom writing instruments by mail to clients or prospects whom you expect to see at the show. Remember to have your booth number imprinted and the name of the show plus the venue and date so they know where to find you.

Promotional pens make good business cards as well. Instead of giving the usual card, which many people tend to lose, why not give out logo pens and custom writing instruments with your name and contact number. That way, people who need your services will most likely have your contact information within reach.

Pens are also a good way to announce a shop opening. You can give out these promotional writing instruments with a coupon and an invite for people to visit your story. Offer a discount to the first 100 who come by so people are motivated to go. If your store offers 24-7 deliveries, it's a good idea to add your hotline to the pen so people who need you any time of the day will know how to get hold of you.