Handcrafting Writing Instruments and Accessories for Gifts

One of the major dilemmas facing many consumers is what type of gift to get someone. Many types of gifts are available and when trying to figure out what to get that hard to shop for person, a handcrafted gift usually solves the problem.

There are many types of handcrafted gifts from quilts to candles to wooden birdhouses, but the gift that is long remembered most and used almost daily is a fine handcrafted writing instrument. These are gifts that are appreciated by the gift receiver. But how does one tell a truly handcrafted writing instrument from a mass produced one?

It is very easy to make duplicates of a certain pen style, but to make it exactly the same in all respects time after time is nearly impossible for the local wood worker and pen crafter. Most of the pen crafters and wood workers around hand turn their products individually, piece by piece. Although they can produce a product that is similar to each other, there will be differences seen from piece to piece. Some larger wood workers use copying machine that reproduce each pen identically, but that technology is too costly for the smaller pen crafter.

When handcrafting a pen for a customer, the crafter takes time to make each piece by hand one at a time. Great care is placed in making each customers pen to their satisfaction. Nothing is duplicated and the handcrafting process ensures that each piece will be cherished by the new owner.

In addition to pens, other desk accessories are hand turned and complement the fine pens and pencils that are produced. Letter openers and magnifying glasses are hand turned in fine detail and complete the desk set. Fine and exotic woods are generally the material of choice, but sometimes other materials are substituted to complete a set.

Besides wood, stone, a wood/plastic combination and acrylics and poly resins are also used. Many pen crafters will also create a pen box for the pen and pencil set or they will call upon a leather crafter to provide them with a fancy pen sleeve that will surely give the set character. All this effort is put out by local wood workers to show off their handiwork and provide custom writing instruments and accessories to not only the discriminating consumer, but are affordable to the average customer.

In order to assess the piece that a consumer is searching for, they should check out the website of their local pen crafter to see the products they offer. The consumer will not be disappointed when searching and giving handcrafted writing instruments and desk accessories as gifts.

© Paul Witmer 2010