Article Writing Guide - Promoting a Website With Promising Content

One mistake that many article marketers make is that they give away too much information in their articles. They forget that the primary goal of the articles is to get the visitors to click on the links in the author boxes. If readers don't click, the authors don't stand a chance of making a sale. So how to generate content that will help generate more sales? (Pay attention to the last's important.)

Tip 1: Give quality information, but don't provide ALL the details. If you give away the whole farm, you have just taken away the reason for the visitor to click on your links. They will just leave the web page and you would have lost a potential customer. Write about PROMISES. For example, your chosen niche may be about hair loss. So your promise could be something like "how to prevent hair loss" or "how to speed up hair growth". When you write, you focus on the problems, and give away SOME info about how to tackle these problems. But all the time, the content remains broad enough so that readers will want to read more when they reach the end of the article.

Tip 2: In the author box, state clearly that you have more RELEVANT info to offer to the reader. When the reader comes to the end of the article, and realizes that there is more, it's natural to want to find closure. Hence, most readers will choose to click on your links if you can offer them more information. This is not some kind of scheming marketing tactic because very often, it's impossible to offer a complete solution in the space of just 400 to 500 words. Hence the need to offer a full PDF download or something extra.